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Problem Workaround Department

Sorry, we couldn't convert your document.
There are a few things that cause our server problems, including:

  • wrong document type (the input isn't a type we know how to convert),
  • documents that are too large (we only accept up to 100MB),
  • use of special fonts we don't have or of special encodings we don't recognize,
  • password-protected Word files,
  • submitting a document while you still have it open in Word,

and probably a few other things (please tell us when you find one!).

This page tells you how to convert your document to PDF anyway. It involves a bit more work on your part, but is highly likely to succeed - no matter what fonts are used, or what kind of document it is.

Step 1: Add a PostScript printer to Windows.
You might need your Windows installation CD for this procedure. (If you already have a PostScript printer configured, you may skip this step.) For some help on how to do this, click here.
Step 2: Print your document to a file using the new printer.
Print your document, choosing the PostScript printer on the "Print" dialog box, and checking the "Print to file" option. The system will ask you where to put the resulting ".prn" file; remember where you put it!
Step 3: Submit your resulting .prn file here.
We'll do the rest!

1. Select the .prn file to convert:
2. Click "Next" to start converting!
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