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I loved the PDF result. If I don't need 100% quality I am sometimes using a PDF converter application that I have installed on my machine but your results are much better. More crisp and much smaller file sizes. You got a new customer.

Berlin, Germany

I have been using your conversion tool several times in the last year and am always so amazed that there is a company who appears to do this "just because". Your service is a real blessing - it has helped me so many times in my Small Business!

Maren Taylor
Translator & Interpreter
English * German

Thank you so much for providing this service! It's quick, reliable, and easy! Please keep it going, and if it is at all possible, please keep it free!

David Paul
Columbia University, New York

Thank you for your gift to the universe. I really believe you have a great product and I look forward to seeing its progress...

Cynthia Vanvliet

I visited your site and recommended it to a couple of friends who were looking for pdf conversion. Let me tell you something. It's EXCELLENT. Great work and a great idea.

Ramesh Menon

I just wanted to say thank you for providing a free way of converting MS word documents to PDF format. I think it's ridiculous that Adobe wants you to buy their software just to use their PDF writer. I'm definitely going to send people I know your web address.


Just wanted to say that I'm a student and having access to a simple mechanism to convert from Word docs to PDF's is great. I don't have to do it often, but when I do, (i.e. a sudden request for an updated resume) it's nice to be able to get it done fast and well.

Rochester Inst. of Tech

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