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Fast PDF Bulk Accounts

What can a Fast PDF Bulk Account do for me?

  • Flat 15 cent per-page rate for creating PDFs.
  • Easy one-click PDF conversion.
  • No software to install and maintain on your intranet.
  • Create PDFs even while you're on the road.
  • Easily check on or change your account with on-line account management tools.
  • Single monthly invoice covering all users authorized to use your bulk account.

Implementing a Fast PDF Bulk Account as your company-wide PDF solution will increase productivity and eliminate software, training and maintenance costs. A Fast PDF Bulk Account provides centralized account management and simple payment options, and scales easily as your company grows. Your employees will be able to easily create PDFs from anywhere in the world - without installing or learning complicated software.

Fast PDF Bulk Account Pricing

Unlike the a la carte Fast PDF service, Fast PDF Bulk Account conversions cost a flat rate of 15 cents per page.

Setting up your account costs a modest fee, but we credit the newly-created account with a number of page conversions at least as great as your setup fee. We also credit many accounts with bonus page conversions that lower your overall price per page.

Your current options for setting up your account are:

Setup Price Initial Pages Bonus Pages Total Pages Credited

$$14.95    100 7 107
$$49.95    333 32 365
$$199.50    1330 170 1500

In other words, buy purchasing a "more expensive" account, you get more bonus page conversions, further lowering your total cost per document.

Once you have used all the pages credited to your account, you can simply keep using that account to convert documents - the account keeps track of your continued usage. At the end of each month, if you owe more than $5, we email you an invoice. To keep things easy, we enable you to pay each month's bill electronically.

Features & Benefits

Increased Productivity
Creating a PDF should be easy and fast. You and your employees no longer have to waste time configuring and maintaining complex software to accomplish a simple task.

Choice of Payment Method
You have the option to pay by credit card or invoice. Either way, Fast PDF will provide one easy-to-read billing summary of all the users on your Fast PDF Bulk Account.

Small, Fast-Loading PDFs
PDF's generated by Fast PDF are optimized for transmission over the Internet. Whether you're placing a PDF on your website, emailing it, or just storing it on your hard drive - having a small file size saves you time and money.

Eliminate Software Costs
Fast PDF lets you create PDF files without adding any additional software to your computing infrastructure. You gain both in cost and efficiency by using a service that eliminates the downside of complicated software: Fast PDF eliminates the hassles you'd other wise have doing installations, loading upgrades, and training employees.

Set up a Bulk Account now! 

If the Fast PDF Bulk Account service is not what you're looking for, you have other options:
    Free Fast PDF Conversion - contains watermark ads
    Fast PDF a la Carte - for one-time conversion needs

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