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1 - 10 $1.49 / Free!
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51 - infinity $3.99

Fast PDF A La Carte

What can Fast PDF a la carte do for me?

  • No subscription fees. You pay as you go.
  • Easy one-click PDF conversion.
  • No software to maintain or install.
  • Affordable

A la Carte Microsoft Word to PDF Conversion Pricing

A document of 3 pages or less costs $1.25 to convert. Each additional page over 3 costs an additional 15 cents - except we never charge more than $9.99, no matter how big your document (er, ah, "book").

Examples -

  • a 10 page document will cost $1.25.
  • A 20 page document will cost $3.80. ($1.25 + (17 x $0.15)).

Features & Benefits

Increased Productivity
Creating a PDF should be easy and fast. You and your employees no longer have to waste time configuring and maintaining complex software to accomplish a simple task.

Secure Payment Processing
All credit card processing is done through PayPal, the web's largest payment processor. Fast PDF does not record or even gain access to your credit card number. You are only be charged for the documents you convert - there are no recurring subscription fees, and no hidden costs.

Small, Fast-Loading PDFs
PDF's generated by Fast PDF are optimized for transmission over the Internet. Whether you're placing a PDF on your website, emailing it, or just storing it on your hard drive - having a small file size saves you time and money.

Eliminate Software Costs
Fast PDF lets you create PDF files without adding any additional software to your computing infrastructure. You gain both in cost and efficiency by using a service that eliminates the downside of complicated software: Fast PDF eliminates the hassles you'd other wise have doing installations, loading upgrades, and training employees.

Begin using Fast PDF a la Carte now! 

If the Fast PDF a la Carte service is not what you're looking for, you have other options:
    Free Fast PDF Conversion - contains watermark ads
    Fast PDF Bulk Accounts - for ongoing conversion needs

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